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DIGITIZING: Precision in Every Pixel 2-Day Express Up to 7.5": $35 (Ideal for quick, standard-sized designs) Over 7.5": $48 (Perfect for larger, more complex visuals) Next Day Ultra-Fast Up to 7.5": $61 (When every hour counts) Over 7.5": $74 (For urgent, expansive designs)

EMBROIDERY: Stitches That Tell a Story Classic Embroidery 10K Stitches: $15 (Base rate, with intricate details) Additional Stitches: $1.50/1K stitches (For more complex narratives) Specialty Options 3D Logo (Hats only): $10 extra (Elevate your brand literally) Hat Back Tag Line: $5 extra (A subtle, yet powerful statement) Metallic Threads: $5 extra (Add a sparkle to your message)

DTF PRINT: Vibrant Versatility Setup: $25 (Preparing for perfection) Garment Choices T-Shirts: $20 (Everyday wear with a twist) Sweatshirts: $30 (Warmth with a message) Hoodies: $40 (Bold statements for cooler days)

OTHER PRODUCTS: Beyond the Basics Custom Requests: Tailored solutions for unique needs. Bulk Pricing: Special rates for large orders.

SCREEN PRINT: Bold and Beautiful One-Time Setup: $25 (Crafting your vision into a printable reality) Garment Options T-Shirts: $20 (Casual yet impactful) Sweatshirts: $30 (Comfort meets style) Hoodies: $40 (Your walking billboard) Polos: $25 (Professional and sleek)

Disclaimer: Prices and availability are subject to dynamic changes.

Garment Disclaimer

At Jones Inck, our commitment to quality is unwavering, yet there are inherent risks in custom apparel creation:

Specialty Garments: Trust us with your special garments, but be aware of the risks. We handle with care, yet can’t guarantee against the rare mishap.

Responsibility: Your garments, your treasure. We focus on enhancement, not replacement.

Guaranteed Satisfaction: Choose from our selection, and rest assured of quality and satisfaction.

Right to Refuse: Your trust is valuable. We reserve the right to decline orders that might compromise our standards or equipment.


Terms & Conditions

Payment Clarity: Full payment is a gateway to our creativity. We initiate projects post full payment receipt.

Order Journey: Your design dreams start turning real once we receive the payment.

Time Frame: Expect a masterpiece within 7-14 business days, complexity and size considered.

Flexibility in Changes: Got new ideas? We’re flexible, but note that changes may affect both cost and timeline.

Design Integrity: Your design, your rights. We don’t modify but magnify your original ideas.

Cancellation Policy: Unpaid invoices lead to order cancellation after a 7-day grace period.

Payment Modes: We welcome debit and credit cards. Unfortunately, cash and personal checks don’t fit our bill.

Tax Matters: Tax exemptions apply only with a valid certificate.

Finality in Sales: We craft with care, hence sales are final. No room for refunds or exchanges.


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